Bradford Keswick 2023

Church on the Way is hosting the next Bradford Keswick on SATURDAY MAY 27th (9.30am to 4pm) as a One Day Event called DEEPER 2023.

We’re excited that Paul Mallard will be joining us for the day to teach on the theme: Real Joy in the midst of Tough Trials. Paul approaches this subject both as a gifted Bible teacher and someone who has walked through the crucible of suffering as he’s cared for his wife in chronic illness. Over the course of the day with four sessions he will be helping us grapple with how we find satisfaction in the Lord when everything falls apart. Refreshment breaks and Lunch will be provided along with an extensive bookstall.  An ‘Admission Charge’ of £10 per head applies. Advance Booking would assist us with our preparations, catering etc., though payments ‘on the day’ would be acceptable.            

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