COME and HEAR – Mick Fleming

9th October 2022 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
church on the way bradford
COME and HEAR –  Mick Fleming @ church on the way bradford

COME and HEAR –  MICK FLEMING                        

*Our Men’s Breakfast Speaker at  Church on the Way (Idle)

SATURDAY October  9th  2022  (9.00am)

Born in Burnley during England’s 1966 World Cup-winning year into a working-class family, Mick’s Dad was a window cleaner who had contracts to clean factories around the town.  Mick describes him, a “proper Labour-supporting man.” “It wasn’t poverty, but it wasn’t luxury” he claims, “it was a strict upbringing. We were forced to go to Church, we couldn’t step out of line, it was old-school discipline.”

 In early February 1977 he was attacked by a stranger on his way to school. Everything changed, his young life in turmoil having been sexually abused. Growing up he became a drug runner and debt collector. Good he claimed at his job. Hurting people didn’t bother him. He was arrested for murder twice, armed robbery three times, countless firearms offences.  One thing led to another from being shot, to shooting others, having shotguns, knives and drugs, then having an experience that changed his life forever when, in 2009, he was setting off to collect a debt from someone.

From that day, he vowed to change his ways. It was the beginning of a new life for him as well as the start of his faith journey. Now a Pastor and Founder of Church On The Street Ministries, yet once a gangster threatening people for money, today he helps to support people affected by homelessness, addictions and poverty. He declares that his journey to support some of the most needy in society started when he sat down and spoke to a homeless person one day. It began there – in that conversation something happened and other people started to come and sit down and talk, others came and the church was born.

COME ALONG AND MEET THE HITMAN WHO HAD ANOTHER SHOT AT LIFE. Admission Free/Donation basis.    *Continental Style including bacon sarnies (In January 2022 Prince William & Kate visited Mick, the Charity and volunteers, staff and service users to hear about their experiences first hand after seeing TV reports about the work )