SIMON EDWARDS – Men’s Breakfast

Simon Edwards

COME and HEAR –  SIMON EDWARDS                                   

*Our Men’s Breakfast Speaker at  Church on the Way (Idle)

SATURDAY MAY 7th 2022 (9.00am)

Simon runs Cornerstone – a building company supporting  men as they come out of prison and also runs a detox centre called Liberty Farm. His own life has included 27 prisons, 4 children’s  homes,  18 sets of foster parents and 2 police sieges as well as an addiction to violence, drugs and speeding cars!

 A great visionary, he is now the CEO of ‘Walk Ministries’ in Stoke on Trent. Simon also works in advocacy with Christian organisations, local authorities and the private sector to find ways to work together. Teaching in various ways, notably in Universities on rehabilitation and how we all have a part to play, he is a voice for the others who are marginalised because of past mistakes.

He has the knack of asking the question – Why? Helping others see that it’s good to give ex-offenders an opportunity and pathway into a new life. His heart is to see the Body of Christ come together in unity with a desire to see men reach their fullest potential at home, work and in the church with a Christ centred life.                                                                        

Don’t miss Simon’s Inspirational & Challenging talk

BRING OTHERS……’ADMISSION FREE’ – finishes about 11.00am                                 

*Continental Style including bacon sarnies!